Complete security for high profile, private individuals and families


Explore our ‘Private’ services, providing customized solutions for individuals and families. From Personal Protection and Transportation Solutions to Asset Protection and Investigations, we prioritize safety with expertise in close security, secure travel, residential security, and confidential investigations.


Our security professionals bring extensive expertise in collaborating with public figures, High-Net Worth (HNW) individuals, and families. Recognizing the delicate nature of family-focused security, we are dedicated to delivering a multi-faceted and thorough security solution with the utmost respect and seamless execution. Our commitment extends to providing logistical support in every scenario, ensuring a secure point of coordination for all aspects of your safety and protection.


Our primary objective is to mitigate risks associated with travel, focusing exclusively on providing solutions within Cyprus. Our approach involves conducting a comprehensive risk analysis that includes in-depth research on the traveler’s profile, itineraries, plans, method of travel, documentation, in-country briefings, accommodation, and medical considerations. Through adaptive travel support customized to the unique profile of each traveler, we strive to ensure safety and security during these uncertain times. Our meticulous preparation and tailored strategies are designed to provide peace of mind and a secure travel experience.


Our goal is to safeguard assets, individuals, properties, information, and reputation while making informed decisions about risk management. We take pride in evaluating the effectiveness of your current security protocols and collaborating with you to devise a customized, multi-layered approach tailored precisely to your unique situation. Blackwolf Residential Security Teams are dedicated to conducting thorough assessments, elevating your home security to the highest standards. Our focus is on ensuring the physical protection of family members, household staff, and valuable assets, providing a comprehensive security solution that prioritizes your safety and peace of mind.


Our investigative process is meticulous, combining cutting-edge techniques with a wealth of experience. Whether you are dealing with personal matters, legal concerns, or corporate issues, our skilled investigators employ a strategic and ethical approach to gather the necessary facts.