Realistic end-to-end risk mitigation strategies for a variety of corporate clientele


Comprehensive advice on every aspect of security from corporate operations, commercial risk and foreign investment to organisational resilience, executive protection and travel risk management.


Explore our Corporate services, providing cutting-edge security solutions tailored for both governmental and private organizations within Cyprus. Our offerings encompass a wide range of security measures, ensuring robust protection against evolving threats. Trust us to safeguard your assets and confidential information with our advanced and comprehensive security solutions.


Ensuring the safety and integrity of corporate buildings, logistics hubs, warehouses, and large business centers is paramount, and our Perimeter Security solutions are designed to meet these exacting demands. Our comprehensive approach includes strategically placed inspection points and routine foot patrolling to guarantee constant vigilance over the perimeter. Rigorous risk assessments form the foundation of our security strategy, allowing us to proactively identify and address potential vulnerabilities. Our security personnel, adept at both welcoming and approving guests, play a pivotal role in maintaining a secure environment, ensuring that only authorized individuals gain access. With a focus on efficiency and precision, our Perimeter Security services are tailored to safeguard corporate spaces, providing unparalleled protection for your valuable assets and operations.


Elevate the security and convenience for foreign CEOs visiting Cyprus with our specialized Executive Protection services. Designed to cater to the unique needs of international executives, we offer comprehensive security solutions that begin the moment they land. Our team provides secure airport pickups, ensuring a safe transition from the moment they step foot on Cypriot soil. Our executive protection extends seamlessly to private chauffeur services, delivering not only security but also comfort and efficiency in transportation. From strategic risk assessments to discrete on-the-ground operations, we prioritize the safety and well-being of foreign CEOs throughout their stay. Trust us to provide a holistic approach to executive protection, guaranteeing a secure and smooth experience for CEOs traveling to Cyprus for meetings or other engagements.


Secure the confidentiality of your classified documents with our specialized Classified Document Transportation services. Tailored for the utmost discretion, we offer a comprehensive solution for the secure and efficient transport of sensitive materials. Our expert team employs rigorous risk assessments and strategic planning to ensure the safe transit of classified documents. From discreet pickup to secure transportation, we prioritize the confidentiality and integrity of your information at every stage. Our commitment extends beyond physical protection to include advanced logistical support, guaranteeing a seamless and secure journey for your classified documents. Trust us to deliver unparalleled security, allowing you to focus on your critical operations with confidence and peace of mind.