Complete security for high profile, private individuals and families


Our security professionals bring extensive expertise in collaborating with public figures, High-Net Worth (HNW) individuals , and families. Recognizing the delicate nature of family-focused security, we are dedicated to delivering a multi-faceted and thorough security solution with the utmost respect and seamless execution. Our commitment extends to providing logistical support in every scenario, ensuring a secure point of coordination for all aspects of your safety and protection.


We begin by conducting a thorough and personalized risk assessment to understand your unique security needs. This assessment allows us to tailor our close protection strategies to address specific vulnerabilities and potential threats. From assessing travel routes to identifying potential security vulnerabilities in various environments, we leave no detail overlooked. Our proactive approach ensures a seamless and secure experience for our clients.


Utilizing Technical Surveillance involves examining all assets to detect electronic listening or visual monitoring devices. Our counter-surveillance methods are designed to reveal intent, thereby reducing potential risks. Our team of operatives utilizes a blend of technology, surveillance techniques, and problem-solving skills to generate actionable intelligence.


We handle all aspects of security for private gatherings, promotional events, tours, and business meetings. Identifying and prioritizing potential risks that may lead to undesirable security situations, we collaborate with organizers to manage event security and logistics. Our clients appreciate our discreet and professional demeanour, which maintains a low profile during events.